Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Project Alpha : Week 7

Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. 7 featured bloggers had been selected to unveil who they are, how they live and from where they derive their inspiration. At the end of the show, each of the blogger will share their blogging tips with the viewers and that is the part where I'll grab my pen and paper :)

This is the last week for Project Alpha, and the show is about

Maybe a lot of you do not know that sixthseal is one of the 1st blogger in Malaysia. He has been writing blog since April 2002. For him, blogging is the place for self expression and also the place where he can share his thought with everyone in the world.

sixthseal have his own dark history. At the age of 15, he started taking drug and became addicted to it. He had been arrested twice and going to rehab once.

Methamphetamine (ice, shabu, math)

When he told Jojo about his routine for one and half year inside rehab, I can't imagine how suffering he was back then. There's limited facilities inside the rehab. The worst part is, no visitors including parents, wife, kids and family are allowed to visit them. WTH is that! common-lah, they also need support from their family.

Jojo Struys with sixthseal

They undergo marching exercise every morning. When there's no activity to do, "plucking grass" activity was intentionally done.

erm... talking about grass,
When I was at National Service 2 years back, we had been asking to pluck the grass during community service. Even thought they provide us with glove, the girls (wirawati) couldn't stop complaining and the worst thing is, they even crying (-.-") what a shame. huh!

see, baby also can plucking grass what!

After all he going through, I don't think that sixthseal regret entering the rehab. In the 3rd episode, he mentioned that rehab really help him get rid of drug because he do not want to be inside that place for second time. good good :)

life must go on, let bygones be bygones!

You wanna know how sixthseal handle his problem after he get rid of drug and completely clean with it?

He has his own way. He can't face emotional pain, so he substitute the pain into physical pain.

Physical pain?! what do you mean?

HE LIKES TO CUT HIMSELF ..... that's weird :p

Luckily, he would not simply cut his own flesh just like that but channel it to more positive way like body art and body modification :) ok that's acceptable!

Wanna see what he already done? I cilok all above/below pics from - PERMISSION GRANTED!

this is 18k solid gold tongue piercing! pergh... bling bling siot!

Phoenix Rebirth tattoo on his chest to symbolize rebirth and marking the day he stopped using drugs (opiates) - SO means.

tattoo with the inscription "In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti" - thank the god for the second chance in his life.

wrist piercing

and the latest, twin nipple piercings

sixthseal also claims that he love to perform crazy stunt where others wouldn't dare to do like bungee jump, sky diving and car drifting. Is that all sixthseal? I also can do lah :p

but one thing that I pretty sure I couldn't do,

this is what we call the REAL CRAZINESS!

enough about the penis...

things that you should follow:

his philosophy,
He believe in 2nd chance in life. He really thanks to God for that. Now he completely clean and drug free. He also reminds others, "Whatever religions you are always give thanks to GOD."

Lastly, I would like to share with you guys sixthseal blogging tips:
  1. Always keep it real, if you say you gonna do it, just do it! (gambatteh!)
  2. Always answer your readers comment, it's conversation and it's not monologue, but dialog. (always done that!)
  3. Creat interesting contents/comments. (Next time I'll drop some comment at - silent reader)
  4. Keep your post interesting, fresh and be wild. Be creative and do anything to grab reader's attention. (wild? like running naked at the beach ha :P)
  5. Just be yourself, they want to see who you're. There's no need to censored yourself and do not be someone that you're not. If you believe in something believe in it then express it in your blog with photos and videos. (OK, thanks dude!)

his last word,
Leading the wild into the ways of the man...

and this Specially made video for Project Alpha Blog Contest.
enjoy it! - or pretend like you enjoy it.... (>_<)


BuLaN iTu aKu said...

aku fisrt!!!

BuLaN iTu aKu said...

baru ku paham ape itu projk alpha

Huai Bin said...

Hello there! Hey, you did a lot of research. That's all correct. :)

Cheers for the support mate, I hope you win!

YobSumO said...

Huai Bin: Thanks a lot! your support is greatly appreciated!

- Huai Bin is the owner of -

YobSumO said...

BulanItuAku: dulu2 pun aku kurang paham. dah la baru pakai nuff. hehe.

izzahfarhana said...

heh even sixthseal pun drop comment.mmg dia cakap serupa bikin la mcm tips tu.alaa yob punye ade videoo keretip tu.moga2 kita dpt hadiah.dh la last week msi bnyk compete.nakuat cenaa baru perasan de contest.heeee.good luck!

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

takmauuu geliii

the pierce...

the tattooos...

and the bull's penis, hello its PENIS man..

mcm mana sanggup makan? ohh i want to vomit.

mein melon said...

haha! brave video dude.. though quality kurang :p~ u did try to make an effort buat video tu..

YobSumO said...

izzahfarhana: tahu takpe, dah la kita last week. betul2 mintak2 kita 2 adalah dlm list ye!

si lampu neon: kata Wild! lain orang lain rasa, lain orang lain ragam :)

mein melon: thanks! pakai handphone aku yg 3.2Mpx je Melon! last minute punye tu sbb last date untuk submit 5/11.

Simon Seow said...


izzahfarhana said...

yob tahniah dpt no 2!haha

Melz said...

Congrats bro :) usaha kau akhirnya tercapai na ;)

anwaruddin said...

asl lu pilih nak buat entry psl sixthseal hah? anyway congrats la!! da menang pun, haha!

YobSumo said...

thanks semua, tak perasan ada yang comment kat sini

anwaruddin: aku jd nuffnanger 24/10. aku takda byk choice nak pilih. And aku rasa sixthseal punya cerita menarik. itu yg buat pasal dia.

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