Monday, March 16, 2009

my prediction...

i'm on my semester break right now, so besides cleanup the mess in my room and then make it messy again after i clean it... then, clean again after that messy it again ~haha, cukup sudah!, all the TV's program will cheer my life up everyday.... haha~ here there come American Idol season 8...

usually i didn't watch American Idol (AI) from the beginning of the season but followed it towards the end of the show... this time were different cause accidentally i'm very free and yeah! the contestants for this season were spectacular, i really mean it...

my prediction always wrong if it's related to reality show that INVOLVE singing, for example:
  • suki won OIAM not faizal
  • ayu won OIAM not shila
  • daniel won Malaysian Idol not nita
  • David Archuleta was defeated by another David
  • etc etc...
but i still wanna share with you guys about my prediction who will be in TOP3 of american idol season 8, n of course, they are my favourite lah... drum rooolllssss dum dum dum!

1) Danny Gokey
admire his husky voice and his terrific vocal

2) Kris Allen

like his arrangement of music n his cool style like randy said "very Jason Mraziee..."

3) Adam Lambert

wow performance

i know that there's no female in the list, but what to do, i don't think that female's contestants for this season have the "X factor" although they have great vocal like Lil Round, rocker personality ~ Allison n unique tone like Meghan... i wish that i can put Meghan in the list but she always choose soo BODO song, so have to deal with it la...

let see whether my prediction mengena atau tidak ok!


aainachentak said...

besh giler!!
selamat bersoronok ;D

aku xtau mao predict spe.selalu bila time final bru tgk.hahaha :d

Y E R N ain said...

masih tidak bisa menerima kealahan FAIZAL TAHIR.

YobSumO said...

haha mngkin juga