Saturday, January 17, 2009


actually i'm not very sure to publish this post or not... but i think i need someone opinion regarding this matter yg membuatkn jiwa ku kacau!

ok first thing first... what i can say is the main "nawaitu" when i started blogging is, i want to improve my english... especially writing... *u can see the 1st post* but after become blogger for almost 3 months i found that it's quite difficult to write something in english especially when it's related to my feeling and my thought...

honestly I'm not good in english... fyi, since i'm in primary and secondary school, after i write my essay, i'll asked my mother to check for me... and she always says, "apelah english kamu ni, xde improvement bertambah trok adelah"... haha... i become use with that, so it's ok for me as long as my mother wanna help correcting my essay...

so now for each post that i've done here, is made 100% by me, tiada influence luar ya! that's why u can find a lots grammatical error... mungkin ade yg ckp "what on earth his trying to say" aku x phm la!.... waduh2.... tp xpe2 aku pasrah aja... mmg niatku mahu improve english kn, mmg la kna kritik!

i got band3 for my muet... i need another few mark to reach band 4, but i loss that marks because of my writing test... i got 15/75 for my writing... sgt troook! can u imagine that! i didn't aspect that laa.... what da hell! the result prove that my writing is not good, and maybe my listening, speaking n reading comprehension is much better.... ape nak buat, "rice become porridge already" haha ske hati je direct translate!

apsal la plak aku cte pasal muetkn... ok let bygones be bygones... the think is, i would like to know ur opinion... should i continue to write in
  1. english more than malay or
  2. malay more than english?
help me dude, really need ur opinion.... sbnarnya aku agak envy mlihat org mnulis blog dlm bahasa melayu... tp aku te pk... aku mana reti buat ayat2 bunga mcm drg pn... so the conclusion is I'M NOT GOOD IN BAHASA... x ksah la bahasa apepon... maybe lpsni kna ckp bahasa JEPANG plak kot bru ok... ???? sudah ngarot!


afra_veduvecum said...

hmmm....just use both, time to time it will improve...dont worry, as long as you have the guts to improve it...gambateh

phikool thong said...

ak rse klu bab lmah english ni sume org de prob ni. Bt ak salute ko sbb ko x malu nk wt entri englsh wlaupn ko tau ko de prob in grmmr. =] great effort thgh.

syahir suhaimi said...

to afra n phikool, thanks for ur opinion! really appreciate it!

mein melon said...

alaa.. ko mlayu kn.. dh tu, ko ske tulis dlm BM kn.. gne je la BM.. tp kdang2 tu klo ko rse nk tulis ENG, ko tulis la ENG..

jiwang la ko ni syahir... ske ayat bunge2.. :p~

syahir suhaimi said...

haha mein aku xde la jiwang mne, sbb tu la aku x reti tlis ayat bunga2... alangkah bgs kalo aku reti... hahaha~ ya ya aku mlayu! tahu itu... bgs jga idea kamu itu!

aainachentak said...

mane2 pown buleh aku rasa.
terpulang pada kau mana2 yg kau rs selesa.kau yg mao menules,yg mao meluah,yg mao bercerita bukan?

a mere storyteller worth it all.
gud luck!;)