Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Great day! That’s all that I can tell u…. as I known I’ll receive my dean’s list award today… it’s for Faculty Health and Life Science - FHLS…. But as what I expected, this morning is not the happier moment bcoz every event that held at MSU always started late… not by 1 hour but 2 hour… huh!

But it didn’t spoil my mood coz before the ceremony started the emcee call out a few name… including my name…. and the emcee said, “do not seat at your place back after receiving dean’s award”…. She told us to go to da lobby… then fan fan (my friend not kipas) asked the senior why we have to wait at lobby… then the senior said that we’ll receive best student award for our courses which is Food Science and Technology – BFST …. Ah mai gad! Didn’t expect to received that award at all… gerek sihh~

There r only 5 students from my courses got to be in da best student list… n I’m the only male student… same thing goes to medical science, biomedical and pharmacy students…. so for all laki2, pria2 out there who read this post…. Blajar la btol2… do not diminish male population in academic wing…. Malulah wei!

There’s lot of picture that I wanna share with u guys…. But I’ll only receive those pict another 2-3 weeks (on da stage pict) and the pict with my friends, they will upload through Friendster… I’ll be updating this post time to time….

only this thing already in my hand.... cert and others masih dituggu...

The VIP for today's ceremony is prof dr ??? from USM… he’s da dean school of pharmacy at USM… I’m very attracted to his speech… in his congratulatory address, he reminds us about da things that we always forgot… as a students that related to medical things, we should practise it in our self first… what he’s trying to deliver is very true…. For e.g. myself, I seldom exercise…. I know the structure of food guide pyramid, I know all the portion for one servings, I know each of nutrition from da food that I ate, but still didn’t practise the healthy lifestyle… poor me….

Same things goes to doctor, in every ceramah, motivasi or what so ever, they always remind us to take care of health, do not do this, do not do that… but then, they smoke like nobody business… stupid2… minta maaf yea kpd doc yg trase…



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