Tuesday, November 18, 2008

live on 8tv quickie

last night is da best night for me ever coz malaysian can hear my voice in national tv. i'm on 8tv quickie!!! wooohooo! i never had a chance to be on air at radio lagilah tvkn... i'm very shock coz last night i had a chance to talk with belinda n henry live on national tv... yahooo!

before u cont read this post, i think u should go to this link and hear my voice... tp kna tgg kjap la sbb 9minit25 saat lps tu baru suara sya keluar....


nnt bkak2 1 sept pny so pilih lah 17th november tao kat blah kanan... bwh skali... saya da test da bkak link ni tp kalo x bleh,
  1. pg je website www.8tv.com.my
  2. pastu pg kat all shows
  3. then cari The 8tv Quickie
  4. lastly pilihla 17th november
after 3 to 4 times i tried to call them and finally someone pick up the phone and said 8tv quickie... "mr x" (which is dun noe his name) ask me my name, ic. hp number, where i'm calling from, and whether i noe the answer of the question that belinda and henry ask, before the commercial break... wanna noe the question? watch the video k....

mr x ask me not be nervous and cheer up while talking to belinda n henry later on... i try as best as i can to cheer up myself while talking to them but my mum said that the cheernest doesn't came out on tvlah... so after this if i get the chance like this again in my life i'll be more hyper and extra cheerfull!

wanna noe what i got as a prize? hehe saye pn x igt... byk sgt sbenarnye hehe!... tgk la video tu k... but until today they didn't call me back, so i dun noe how to tuntut my prizelah... maybe i give them wrong hp no kot, almaklumlah tgh glabah... but if they didn't call me after this, pasrah je lah, at least i've the experience... tp still sedih la... huhu~

ehem! besides the new experience that i got, huhu guess what? i received my final sem1 exam result yesterday morning... i'm very happy and thankfull coz this is da 1st time in my life i've got to be in the dean's list award... my cGPA is 3.86... dr fazley pnah ckp... x salahkn kalo nak berbangge skit kalo dah berusa nak dpt kannye... hehe~

A-D-I-O-S! adios~


apik said...

wah.. dpt dean list.. congratulation syahir..

mein melon said...

gler ah syahir!! bestnye ko!

Melly said...

OMG! siap iklankan lagi???

syahir suhaimi said...

alah cik melly bkan slalu...