Sunday, October 26, 2008

what happen?

honestly i'm not football fanatics but i do watched football sometimes... today haa, malaysia really2 SUCKS! bengong btol bleh x msk wkt sudden death! what da h**l! common laa... bru vietnam beb! bile laa bola kat malaysia ni nak maju... mne pg jaguh2 kat skolah aku dlu ha??? sah2 jaguh kampung je korang nie!

huhu~ my friends at ipta will sit for their exam another few weeks, stpm's friends on 18th november if i'm not mistaken laa... so good luck to all of u... do ur best... for those who not finished study yet, remember one thing... last minute study is da best, u will be able to remember everything during the exam but da problem is, can u finished all da reading b4 exam? ape lagi paseng la gear 5....

what a day without grey's anotomy... last saturday is da last episode for this season n for da 1st time i'm quite happy towards the end of da season... xde lah tergantung sgt... mcdreamy and merideth get back together n dr. torres n dr.hann become les couple...

erkk.... do u watched criminal minds? it's da best investigation series for me coz they study about human behaviour and not just da crime scene... and the story flow, idea become intresting in each episode... tgk tao sape yg xpnah tgok... rugi!

ermm... tgk x americas next top model cycle11? my sista download from her office, so aku pun tgk2 lah n i guest marjorie will become da winner of this cycle! gorgeous face, fantastic n magnificant! wahaha die ler gf aku....

i really wanna my blog become a bit knowledgable than other typical blog... ahha... so i think, i wanna give my own point of view about politics in malaysia... but before that i've to do some research... takut salah fact... so wait for it k... adios~

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